APICS CIRM Certification

Certified in Integrated Resource Management
Business Education
Cursus Certified in Integrated Resource Management

Continuous career growth requires a commitment to professional education. Today's business world values individuals with both in-depth, functional skills and broad-based business knowledge. APICS meets both of these needs with two comprehensive certification programs. More than 70.000 professionals in 20.000 companies in more than 30 countries have earned one or both APICS certifications.

Certified in Integrated Resource Management (CIRM) prepares professionals for leadership roles by providing a broad perspective of the key business functions within an organisation and how they interact.

Benefits of becoming Certified

The CIRM certification program creates professionals who can:
  • provide effective leadership to self-directed work teams
  • understand the implications of strategic and tactical actions through the supply chain
  • make decisions that will be in the best interest of an organisation
  • successfully initiate and manage change within an organisation
  • contribute directly to the improved operational performance of an organisation
  • build strategic alliances with co-workers, suppliers, and customers
  • adapt to rapidly changing business conditions
  • integrate people, technology, and resources for competitive advantage
  • take actions to continually increase the value of an organization

Benefits to Companies

The CIRM program helps your managers, employees, outside consultants and business partners:
  • gain new knowledge of horizontal management and cross-functional operations within your company
  • increase productivity and enhance your firmís ability to compete in the complex global marketplace
  • enhance their ability to operate effectively and contribute to your multidisciplinary, corporate team
  • anticipate and respond to changes in the marketplace
  • influence and manage change more efficiently, including workforce challenges such as downsizing, outsourcing, and team-oriented management styles
  • improve their decision-making abilities and their ability to implement all corporate decisions

Highlights of the CIRM Curriculum

The curriculum of the CIRM program was created specifically to develop individuals as business leaders and influencers who are capable of transforming organisations into value-driven enterprises. The CIRM curriculum is divided into five interrelated modules, each concluding with an examination.
  • Enterprise Concepts and Fundamentals
  • Identifying and Creating Demand: Customers and Products
  • Designing Products and Processes: Manufacturing Processes
  • Delivering Products and Services: Logistics
  • Integrated Enterprise Management
The Enterprise Concepts and Fundamentals module is recommended as the first module in the CIRM program. Candidates must pass the first four exams before they are eligible to register for and take the Integrated Enterprise Management exam. To become certified, a candidate must pass the exam for each module.

Profile of the CIRM Candidate

Project managers, team leaders, aspiring managers, operations staff members, consultants, or other professionals in all kinds of working environments, who seek to improve their decision-making abilities can benefit from the CIRM program. Certification is also recommended for individuals who would benefit from a clearer understanding of horizontal management and cross-functional operations within an organisation.